Gas, Meteorology & Environment

Recommended Brands: 
Gas & Flame Detection
  • Gas Leak Detector (e.g. Sulfur hexafluoride SF6)

  • Multi Gas Detectors (CO, O2, CO2, etc.)

  • Gas Monitors, Gas Analyzers & Mist Catchers

  • UV Flame Detectors

Wind, Precipitation & Radiation
  • Wind: Anemometers, wind transmitters, mechanical wind sensors

  • Precipitation: Rain monitors, precipitation transmitters, precipitation sensors

  • Radiation: Sunshine Recorder, brightness transmitter, pyranometer

Humidity Measurement
  • Psychrometers

  • Humidity Probes

  • Humidity Generators & Humidity Calibrators

  • HVAC Transmitters

  • Data loggers, chart recorders and replaceable sensors

  • Continous monitoring systems

  • Temperature senors and transmitters

  • Hydro-thermographs

  • Sound level meter

  • Noise Dosimeters

  • Noise Nuisance Recorders

Alarms and Signalling
  • Visual signalling -  beacons and warning lights (flashing and non flashing)

  • Acoustic alarms / signals (e.g. air horns, bells, hooters, horns, buzzers, sirens, etc.)

  • Explosion Proof signals 

  • Fire alarm systems and signalling

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