Test, Measurement & Control

Recommended Brands: 
Level Measurement
  • Radar level transmitters

  • Ultrasonic level transmitters

  • Guided wave level transmitters

Flow Measurement
  • Flow indicators and switches

  • Velocity Flow Meters

  • Mass Flow Meters

  • Open Channel Flow Meters

Pressure Transmitters
  • Pressure senors

  • Pressure calibrator

  • Differential pressure measurement

Point Level Measurement

Overfill protection (switching command stops the filling process), empty detector (switching command starts filling process), leakage motioning, oil / water detection, foam detection, dry run protection for pumps. 

  • Point Level Switch / Position Level Switch

  • Paddle Level Switches

Tension & Compression Testing
  • Table Top Universal Testing Machine

  • Hardness Tester

  • Extensometer