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High Voltage Electrical Test Equipment

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Secondary Current Injection Test Sets
  • Secondary current injection test sets are used to test and verify the performance of protective relay systems by generating adjustable currents to simulate fault conditions.

  • Units from T&R Test Equipment covers applications up to 200A and include both single phase and three phase options.

  • The unit shown is the T&R 200ADM-P Secondary Current Injection Test Set, which allows injection of currents between 1mA and 200A. Voltages up to 240V are available on the main outputs allowing high impedance current relays to be tested.

Primary Current Injection Test Sets
  • Primary current injection test sets are used to test high-current electrical systems, injecting high currents into equipment like power transformers and circuit breakers to identify faults and ensure proper functioning.

  • T&R's offering of primary current injection test sets range from 750A to 6000A , and are available in single phase. 

  • Unit shown here is the T&R PCU1-SP mk2, a medium powered primary current injection set offering output currents up to 5000A (11.5kVA for 40seconds). 

PCU1-SP MK2.jpg
High Voltage DC Test Systems
  • High voltage DC test systems assess insulation and performance of high voltage equipment under direct current (DC) conditions. They generate high voltage DC signals to test cables, capacitors, generators, and motors. These tests detect insulation weaknesses and defects, ensuring safe and reliable operation in high voltage DC environments. 

  • T&R units range from ±18kVdc to ±30kVdc units, and are equipped with  automatic earthing for discharging capacitive loads. 

  • Shown here is the T&R 18kV 10mA DC Tester, which has a variable output voltage with a maximum of ±18kVdc and a maximum charging capability of 10mA.

PT18-10 MK2_edited.jpg
High Voltage AC Test Systems
  • High voltage AC test systems assess insulation and electrical performance of high voltage equipment to ensure safety and reliability. They generate high voltage AC signals for testing transformers, cables, circuit breakers, and surge arresters.

  • T&R's range of AC test systems cover from 5kVac to 100kVac, and all units have a variable trip range setting and key lock operation to prevent unauthorized use. 

  • Unit shown here is the T&R KV100-100 MK2 Test System. It is a high power, high voltage AC test set designed for insulation testing, and is also equally suited to both development and routine testing of electrical insulation systems and plant.

KV50-100 MK2_edited.jpg
Digital Micro Ohmmeters
  • Digital micro-ohmmeters are used for measuring very low resistance values with high accuracy. Common applications include electrical and electronic component testing, transformer and motor winding testing, wire and cable testing, circuit board testing and electrical contact testing. 

  • T&R's product offering enables testing capability of up to 600 amps DC with 0.1μΩ resolution. Auto-ranging metering simultaneously displays all three parameters (mV, A, and μΩ).

  • Unit shown here is the T&R DMO600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter. This digital micro-ohmmeter is designed to be user-friendly, with simple operation that involves selecting the desired test current and switching on the output. Selection of all ranges is fully automatic, and current, voltage and resistance are displayed simultaneously. 

Handheld Test Systems
  • The TPT9000 Transformer Polarity Tester (shown here) is specifically used to determine the correct polarity of current and voltage transformers. It is a smart and user-friendly instrument designed for Commissioning Engineers.

  • This lightweight device has a magnetized back panel, allowing for convenient storage on metallic walls or panels. 

  • The TPT9000 is also equipped with automatic detection capabilities to identify if the transformer has been connected incorrectly. Additionally, it includes a proving unit for field verification of the unit's correct operation. 

High Voltage Detectors
  • Determines whether HV systems are live or dead

  • Automatic alarming above threshold voltage as default

  • Easy to use and Lightweight (0.6kg)

  • Fast response time , less than 1 second

  • Indoor/Outdoor use / -25°C to +55°C operating temp rang / Shock & drop resistant

Live Line Tester Kit
  • Specifically designed to perform measurements for both live voltage testing and phasing on overhead lines, in substations and within switchgear compartments

  • Indicates the presence of live voltage on circuits up to 33kV

  • Designed to comply with the requirements of IEC1243 part 2

  • Positive phasing test

  • Suitable for both wet and dry conditions

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