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Revolutionizing SF6 Gas Recycling and Sustainability

In partnership with Synecom S.R.L, we are now able to offer our customers in Hong Kong  the capability to
RECYCLE SF6 gas without interrupting plant operations.
SF6 gas is extensively used in the energy sector due to its exceptional dielectric strength. However, it is crucial to recognize that SF6 gas is the most potent greenhouse gas known to date, and even small quantities can have a significant impact on global climate change.
Through Synecom's pioneering mobile solution "ACTIVE," the recycling of SF6 gas can now be performed in strict adherence to IEC standards, effectively extending the lifecycle of the gas . This innovative approach ensures that SF6 gas is utilized more efficiently, prolonging the need for disposal and replacement of new gas.

Want to learn more about this sustainable solution?  Contact Us now for more details!

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